OrbImage has planned to launch two 1-m resolution satellites. One of the satellites, OrbView-4 was launched on 21 September 2001, but failed to reach orbit. OrbView-4's camera had a 1-m resolution for panchromatic imaging and a 4-m resolution for multispectral imaging. The satellite also carried a hyperspectral imaging instrument . It would have become the first commercial satellite to produce hyperspectral imagery, and the second satellite to have hyperspectral imaging capability (besides the NASA's experimental EO1 satellite).

OrbView-3 satellite is planned to be launched in 2002. It carries the similar 1-m resolution panchromatic and 4-m resolution multispectral imaging instrument, but without the hyperspectral instrument.

Orbview-3 Orbit

Type Sun-Synchronous
Altitude 470 km
Revisit Less than 3 days

Sensor Characteristics

Swath Width 8 km

Spectral Band Wavelength (µm) Resolution
1 (blue) 0.45 - 0.52 4 m
2 (green) 0.52 - 0.60 4 m
3 (red) 0.625 - 0.695 4 m
4 (NIR) 0.76 - 0.90 4 m
Panchromatic 0.45 - 0.901 m

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