JERS-1 (Japanese Earth Resource Satellite), Japan


JERS-1 was launched in February 1992 by NASDA (Japanese Space Agency). This satellite carries a L-band SAR and an optical sensor for generation of global data set in order to survey resources and to establish an integrated Earth observation system.

JERS-1 Orbit

Type Sun-Synchronous
Altitude 568 km
Inclination 97.7 deg
Period 96 min
Repeat Cycle 44 days


  • SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)
  • OPS (Optical Sensor)

JERS-1 SAR Instrument Characteristics

Frequency 1.275 GHz (L band)
Polarisation Linear HH
Bandwidth 15.55 MHz
Incidence angle 35o nominal
Swath width 75 km
Resolution 18 m (azimuth, 3 looks), 18 m (range)

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