EROS-A1, Israel

Launched on 5 December 2000, EROS-A1 is the first of a planned series of commercial high resolution remote sensing satellites from ImageSat International, an international company formed in 1997. The three main shareholders of ImagSat International are, Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd. (Israel), Electro Optics Industries, Ltd. (Israel), and Core Software Technology (USA). EROS-A1 collects black and white (panchromatic) images at 1.8 m resolution. The nominal swath width is 12.5 km. The light weight (260 kg) and agile design of the satellite allows it to turn up to 45 degrees in any direction as it orbits, providing the capability to acquire images of many different areas during the same pass. The satellite's agile ability also allows for stereo imaging during the same orbit. The follow-on satellite, EROS-B will have improved resolution of 0.82 m and swath width of 16 km.

EROS-A1 Orbit

Type Sun-Synchronous
Descending Node Crossing Time 9:45 am local solar time
Altitude 475 - 491 km
Inclination 97.3 deg
Period 94 min

Sensor Characteristics

Viewing Angle Agile spacecraft
along track and across track pointing
(up to 45o from nadir)
Sensor Type CCD
Ground Sampling Distance 1.8 m
Scanning Asynchronous (up to 750 lines/second)
Radiometric Digitization 11 bits
Spectral Band Panchromatic, 0.5 - 0.9 µm
Pixels-in-line 7800
Image Modes Basic Scene: 12.6 km x 12.6 km
Monostrips, up to 30o from nadir: Up to 12.6 km x 120 km
Monostrips, up to 43o from nadir: Up to 12.6 km x 217 km
Image Mosaic: 25.2 km x 25.2 km
Stereo Monostrips: Up to 12.6 km x 44 km
Stereo Scenes: 12.6 km x 12.6 km

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