Reef near Nias island, Indonesia

A major earthquake struck Indonesia's Nias island on 28 Mar 2005, causing loss of life and damages on the island. The satellite images in the following pages show the changes to a reef structure off the southern coast of Nias island before and after the earthquake over a period of two years. The satellite images shown include both SPOT 5 and IKONOS images. We are experimenting with the display of satellite images in HSV colour (USGS Munsell) and so in some of the pages you will find such images. You are welcome to share with us your knowledge of HSV colour (USGS Munsell) and its applications in satellite images. Any comments on the HSV images at our site are also welcome.

The map shown above was created using a basemap. Basemap source: Paskevich, Valerie, 200508, srtm30plus-world_pctshade.tif - SRTM30PLUS color encoded shaded relief world topography (approximately 4km) GeoTIFF image: Open-File Report 2005-1001, U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Woods Hole Science Center, Woods Hole, MA. >> Website.

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