Anak Krakatau, Indonesia (7 Nov 2007) (page 1)

The map shown on the above was created using a basemap. Basemap source: Paskevich, Valerie, 200508, srtm30plus-world_pctshade.tif - SRTM30PLUS color encoded shaded relief world topography (approximately 4km) GeoTIFF image: Open-File Report 2005-1001, U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Woods Hole Science Center, Woods Hole, MA. >> website.

The following satellite images show Anak Krakatau volcano, Sunda Strait, Indonesia. The 7 Nov image shows that the volcano is spitting out some smoke.

* kml file download : The kml file download enables the viewing of the 7 Nov 2007 image on Google Earth.

6 Jun 2006 image 7 Nov 2007 image
Displayed bands : (R:Short-wave Infrared, G:Near-infrared, B:Green); window size : 3.4 km x 7 km; full image size : 14.35 km x 15.24 km; resolution : 10m
7 Nov 2007 image
Displayed bands : custom bands combination ; window size :1.75 km x 1.75 km; full image size : 22.94 km x 23.34 km; resolution : 2.5 m

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